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What is Holistic Natural Medicine ?

While traditional medicine can provide symptomatic relief for skin issues, some patients feel that the root cause of their issue has not been fully addressed.

If you are looking for treatment options that are gentle, safe, and effective OR are just interested in learning more about holistic approaches to skin care, Natural Way Pediatric Dermatology can help!

  • Focus on the root problem instead of treating symptoms

  • Treat the whole body- from gut health to skin care, its all related

  • Work one on one with a Holistic Pediatric Practioner who cares!

  • Use scientifically proven botanical and holistic dermatology therapies

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Basic Principals of Holistic and Integrative Medicine

  • Support the Body's Ability to Heal Naturally

  • Use Natural Science-Based treatment whenever possible

  • Consider the Whole Person: Mind, Body, Soul

  • Practioner and Patient working together towards Healing

Examples of Treatments

  • Nutrition Counseling

  • Botanical Medicine

  • Supplements

  • Gentle Topicals

  • Mind-Body Medicine

  • Hydrotherapy

  • Red Light Therapy

What is Integrative Medicine and Holistic Dermatology?

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Whole Body Holistic Approach

At NWPD we treat a person's body as one unit. The majority of medicine today tends to treat each issue as an isolated occurrence. At NWPD we believe we are one body with many interconnected systems, each with a vital role to play. Including a strong mind-body connection. Your skin is your body's largest organ and in order to treat your skin problem, we may have to address your gut or immune dysfunction.


Natural Evidence-Based Medicine

Whenever possible, we try to use natural products that support the body's ability to heal itself. As holistic Dermatology practitioners we achieve this by trying to identify the root cause of your problem so that we aren't just treating your symptoms. Our medicine is natural but also evidence-based and powerful. We use both the wisdom of hundreds of years of use of botanical medicine but also the latest cutting edge research to determine which herbs and supplements will be safe and effective for you. YES, it really works

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Partners in Health

As Naturopathic Practitioners we work together with you on your health care plan as your partner and teammate. Every person is different and every treatment plan is tailored to the individual. We practice docere or "doctor as teacher". We are here to listen to you and hear your concerns, as well as to teach you how to manage your current problems and prevent new ones.

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