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We've all been there. An unexpected breakout right before a big event, stubborn pimples that refuse to go away–acne is a common challenge affecting many of us, especially during adolescence.

In fact, according to PubMed, it is estimated to affect 9.4% of the global population, making it the eighth most prevalent disease worldwide. Yale Medicine also stated that it peaks in adolescence and early adulthood, affecting around 85% of people between the ages of 12 and 24.

Here at Natural Way Pediatric Dermatology, we genuinely understand how it can impact your child's confidence and well-being. That's why we're dedicated to providing them with effective, holistic solutions.

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What Is Acne?

A skin condition that occurs when hair follicles become clogged with oil and dead skin cells. This often results in different types of skin blemishes, including:

  • Blackheads and whiteheads

  • Papules and pustules

  • Nodules and cysts


  It can appear on the face, neck, chest, back, and shoulders. Although it is not a life-threatening condition–it still can cause emotional distress and sometimes scarring if left untreated.

At Natural Way Pediatric Dermatology, we specialize in effective natural treatments and educational services that provide you with the knowledge needed for your children’s skin care. 


Hormonal changes

During puberty, hormones that are called androgens increase in both boys and girls, which causes the sebaceous glands to produce more oil, leading to clogged pores and acne.


If your parents or siblings have a history of acne, you are more likely to develop it too.

Poor diet

Studies suggest that consuming certain foods like dairy, carbohydrates, and other sugary items may worsen it.


When we're stressed, our bodies do produce more cortisol which stimulates oil production and leads to acne.

How We Can Help

Personalized Treatment Plans

We genuinely understand that every child has unique skin that requires a tailored approach. That's why we begin with a comprehensive health assessment to identify their specific skin type and any underlying issues that could potentially be triggering the acne. We then develop a plan targeting their concern while promoting their overall skin health too. This might include a combination of topical treatments, targeted supplements, dietary changes, and as well as some lifestyle adjustments.

Holistic Approach

We incorporate natural, non-toxic products in our treatments, which truly work synergistically to not only combat acne but also nourish and rejuvenate the skin. We prefer this because it promotes long-term skin health without any harsh side effects often associated with conventional treatments.

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Educational Guidance

We don't just want to treat your child's skin--we also want to empower them with knowledge. This includes teaching them about proper cleansing, moisturizing, and sun protection, as well as nutrition's role in skin health.

Emotional Support

Here at NWPD, we listen, reassure, and encourage your child throughout their skincare journey, and committed to supporting your child every step of the way.

Why Choose Natural Way Pediatric Dermatology

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If you are looking for treatment options that are gentle, safe, and effective OR are just interested in learning more about holistic approaches to skincare, we are here to help!

Focus on the Root Problem

This approach allows us to provide long-term solutions instead of temporary relief. By identifying and addressing these underlying issues causing your child's skin condition, we can help prevent recurring flare-ups and improve their overall skin health.

Treat the Whole Body

From gut health to skin care–consider all aspects of your kid's health. We understand that skin issues often reflect internal imbalances, so we focus on restoring overall health to achieve clear, healthy skin.

One-On-One Attention

You'll work one-on-one with our Holistic Pediatric Practitioner who genuinely cares about your kid's wellbeing and to develop a personalized treatment plan that effectively works best for them.

Scientifically Proven Botanical and Holistic Dermatology Therapies

Not only natural but also evidence-based. We ultimately stay updated on the latest research and advancements to ensure we're providing the most effective treatments for your kid's skin condition.

Schedule an Appointment Today!

If your child is also dealing with the symptoms of Seborrheic Dermatitis or if you have concerns about their skin health, schedule an appointment today. 

Examples of Treatments

Conventional Vs. Naturopathic 

  • Topical Acids 

  • Antibiotics 

  • Steroids 

  • Isotretinoin

  • (Accutane)

  • Oral contraceptives 

  • Hormonal Suppressants

  • Gut health testing 

  • Metabolic & nutritional deficiency testing

  • Targeted supplements

  • Personalized approach

  • Non-toxic products

  • Hormonal testing & natural support 

Your Child's Clear Skin Starts Here

Together, we can help them feel comfortable and confident in their skin. Let us be a part of their journey towards healthier skin and even happier childhood memories.

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